Sunday, 10 November 2013

Checking Your Sources - Part One of Two

Let's start with a nice introductory piece. See this picture? Funny, amirite?

It's another one of those 'justgirlythings' parodies that's currently doing the rounds. To put it in a nutshell, poor old justgirlythings has been posting shitty items and concepts under the pretense of it being 'girly' for some time now, and it's so open to parody it's silly. It doesn't help they've been running out of ideas lately; take for example this gem. Or this one. Stay classy, tumblr.

So that picture up there? Well it derives from a very particular, old but well-known album that also happens to be doing the rounds right now - a photographer documenting his wife's decline and ultimate death from cancer.

Yep, still funny, amirite? Go check your sources. We'll be back after the break to discuss why this matters.

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